Constellation Téguia

Algerias, Map (unfold), Postures, Movements, Presence in the world, Evanescence, Prostration, Action Resistances, Persistence of struggles, Berriane, Thessaloniki, Utopias, inhabiting. Towards Rome, Looking, Algiers, With back turned, Africa, Facing, Confronting, America, Capital, Ginsberg "Panaf", Eldridge Cleaver, Minority, Journeys, Geographies, Spaces. Territories, Vanishing Lines, Wandering, Desire of an elsewhere. Mediterranean. The madrague-El Djamila, towards Bechar more to the west or below? History/stories, Nahla, Hymes Chester, Ibn Battuta, Zendj (Revolution), Sabra and Chatila, Absence, Ghosts, Revenants, Emergence, Body in suspense, "The girl", Landscapes, Fragment, Matter, Possible-s, Ruin, Reconstruction, Subtract, Desiccate, Archie Shepp, Pictural, Sculptural, Rhythmic, Mineral.