aucun affiche
  • Artist CHEB TERRO
  • Technical: Installation vidéo, stéréo Courtesy Cheb Terro et Fradi
  • Duration: 11’46''
  • Year of production: 2021 / Première
  • Country: Tunisia
Oeuvre 1 - MSN (3'31")
Oeuvre 2 - Sambratouria (3'25")
Oeuvre 3 - Hares Chayatin (3'50")
Oeuvre 4 - BlackMask (1'40")

This installation is a tribute to Cheb Terro, to the polyphony of his music that reflects a generation finding shelter in radical universes housed in extreme sound and image, a tribute to a leading figure who created a field of intersection that emerges from sporadic space, a tribute to a figure at the head of a sincere and truthful movement that reconciles the disproportionate antipodes of a new boiling underground scene.


Rayen Hermassi, goes by the moniker Cheb terro; is a multidisciplinary artist of the underground hip hop scene in Tunisia. He is a rapper, visual artist, editor, graphic designer and stylist. He left the Tunis-based collective HOUMAZEN to launch his own underground movement TOXIC CLUB in Sousse with Flow The Key in 2019. They were joined by Dj Hrizen, Fradi (Tommy Gore) and Yung Aljahiz (TRYANTDISTRICT) at a later stage. This «club» as Terro defined it, is the first movement in Tunisia that mixes horrorcore, punk hiphop, phonk, hardcore rap, boom bap, devil shit, vaporwave and experimental. Cheb Terro writes, records, mixes his tracks, films, directs and edits his own video clips. He succeeds in creating a singular and sincere identity for TOXIC CLUB in content and form. His writings and his universe illustrate the extreme violence of the frustration of the new Tunisian generation, as he perceives it sad with exalted images, yet rebellious. Rayen left this world on March 25, 2021 at the age of 24, leaving behind him a great bitterness in the hearts of all those who knew him through his image, his music and his words which mix sincerity and brutality.