aucun affiche
  • Technical: Animated short film, Black & white, HD, sereo Courtesy Ahmed Ben Nessib
  • Duration: 9'
  • Year of production: 2017
  • Country: Tunisia
EKART is a trail of reading the Tale of Isaac, an excerpt from Ingmar Bergman's TV movie; Fanny and Alexander. The idea was to start from the literal expression "working based on the text", which meant for Ahmed to part with it. Using the technique of the swimmer "who leans on the wall of the pool to exert an opposing force on it and set himself in motion. I chose two points. If the text tells the story of a young man, I will tell the story of a young woman. If the action takes place outside, I'll bring everything inside" as he defined it. This technique allowed to open a window without falling into the mimetism of words and the drawings followed as if they were pre-existing his intention. The artist questions the animation in an accumulation of drawings "precisely because the animation resides within the drawings and never in them. The visibility of animation has a price; it is the erasure of all the drawings" explains Ahmed. The artist implements a process through which he questions the place of the word to define the image, his search to surpass it, the drawing that relies on two dichotomous points of the original text, to re-invent a tale of antipodes that relies on the technique of the swimmer. Ekart was awarded at the festivals "Ciné Poème 2018" in Bezons and "Animavì, Festival International de Cinéma d'animation Poétique", in Pergola.


Ahmed Ben Nessib Born in 1992 in Tunis Lives and works in Naples, Italy. Graduated from EMCA (Angoulême) and the Scuola Del Libro of Urbino, Ahmed Ben Nessib is a draughtsman and director of animated films. His drawings have been exhibited in various art galleries in Italy, including "Tricromia" and published by several newspapers and magazines, including "Lo straniero" and "Internazionale". He has also published "Ekart // la tecnica del nuotatore", and "L'assassino è sempre più confuso" with Libri Somari, the publishing house he founded with Samuele Canestrari.