The Video Art section is enriched this year with a new exhibition, K Of, which is dedicated to emerging Tunisian artiss.
This exhibition commissioned by Salma Kossemtini, a curator who is very invesed in the young Tunisian art scene, comes as an addition to El Kazma, a selection of works by international artiss proposed by the curator and artis Laurent Montaron, like a flm, a variation on a theme: the intangible.
The artworks of El Kazma link diferent places in the city: Gabes shore side, the Agora, the fesival palace. Six of these works were designed in relation to the South, Tunisia, Gabes and their particular context. Six world premieres among 12 srong works, each revealing a sequence from a flm edited by Laurent Montaron. The curator, who is an artis interesed in the quesion of materiality, sides with the deconsruction of the image, to dematerialize it. The resulting route is inscribed in the city as a form of representation. The videos shown in K Of, grouped together in Bab Bhar, in the center of Gabes, in the future artisic residency of El Kazma (K Residency), refect the unique universes of 6 young Tunisian artiss. A diversity of approaches and treatments, proposed by Salma Kossemtini, as a response to those wishing to know more about emerging Tunisian video artiss: their issues, orientations, artisic expressions... Three premieres will be presented; one of them will be a tribute to one of the late artiss, Cheb Terro, who left too early. Parallel to this Video Art program, the 3rd edition of Gabes Cinema Fen will ofer a photo-video exhibition by Intissar Belaid and Moritz Hagedorn entitled News from Nowhere, as well as a performance, Boudellif, the result of a collaboration between Frédéric D. Oberland, musician- founder of the Oiseaux tempête group and local traditional musicians traditionnels locaux.